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What Is A Palm Nailer?

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For many projects a nail gun can come in extremely handy. I went years without using one and had no idea what I was missing. Not only are these tools a huge time saver but they allow you to work with less fatigue. The newest addition to the nailer family that I want to tell you about today is the palm nailer. For those of you wondering, what is a palm nailer, don’t worry you will very soon. The thing is they have become increasingly popular recently due to there affordability and user friendliness.

What is a palm nailer ?

You can think of them as a miniature nail gun, just no shaped like a gun. They work the same way  just on a much smaller scale. They attach to a compressor the same way a pneumatic nail gun does. Newer versions of the palm nailer actually are cordless and run on a rechargeable battery making them extra portable. The beauty of this nailer is it’s ability to fit into tight spots. If you’ve used a nail gun you probably have had times when your gun wouldn’t fit or your arm got fatigued. Not with a palm nailer!

The major differences between palm nailers and nail guns are:

  • Fit into the palm of your hand; hence the name palm nailer
  • Much lighter and smaller that traditional nailers
  • Easier and simpler to use
  • They use regular nails you would use with a hammer, not the strips or coils that nail guns use.

Using heavy nail guns can cause fatigue and stress on your hand and arms after using for long periods. Palm nailers will rarely cause these problems because of there light weight.

Most commonly palm nailers are capable of driving nails from 1.5″ – 3.5″ long. Heavier duty palm nailers are also manufactured for larger projects driving nails from 2″ – 6″.

What Is A Palm Nailer Used For ?

Now you know the difference between palm and regular nailers , you may be wondering what to use it for?

Palm nailers are ideal for just about anything you need to put a nail into. Keep in mind they are far less powerful that larger nail guns. Some things they come in handy with are corners, tight areas and joist hangers. Another benefit of using this type of nailer is there accuracy. For more great nail gun information look here.

Things I wouldn’t recommend palm nailers for are framing and maybe roofing. Framing nails are large nails that require a powerful nail gun for driving. When roofing a roof gun comes in handy because of the large quantity of nails fired rapidly.

When it comes nail guns each one has a specific purpose. Even though one may be used for multiple purposes it is usually better for the job it is intended for. To learn more about different nailers like brad and finish nailers check this out. Palm nailers are very inexpensive and often come free when purchasing larger nail guns.

I’m sure this is one tool you will put to good use.


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