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Top Nail Guns of 2017

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Top Nail Guns of 2017

Not in any special order here are the top nail guns of 2017. Whether your in the market for a framing nailer or looking for something smaller you’ll find your top gun here for sure.

DEWALT DWFP12231 Pneumatic 18 -Gauge 2-Inch Brad Nailer  

This handy little powerhouse will  have you fully covered.  Another quality tool by Dewalt with their long-life maintenance free motor. There is something exciting about getting a new tool if your anything like me. Especially a tool that’s different than any other tool you have. A tool that is powerful, dangerous and very useful in the hands of the right person. Say hello to the top gun, the DWFP1231.

BOSTITCH F21PL Round Head 1-1/2-Inch to 3-1/2-Inch Framing Nailer

This heavy duty nailer is a beast with 1,050 inch pounds of driving power. The F21Pl is one of the highest reviewed and top nail guns of 2017 for a reason. The light magnesium construction allows for longer work periods with less fatigue. This nailer is obviously for more experienced users and great for larger projects.

NuMax SFR2190 21 Degree Framing Nailer 

Numax has come up on top year after year. The Numax SFR2190 is the #1 best selling framing nailer of 2017. It’s dual mode trigger and no mar tip makes any Framing or Decking job a breeze. This is another heavy duty gun that should only be used if you know what your doing.

Hitachi NT65MA4

This 15 guage angled finish nailer is quite versatile with its ability to fire nails from “1-1/4 to “2-1/2  inches. The  34 degree nail compartment makes getting into tight places a breeze. Another handy feature is the built in dust blower to keep your work surface clean. The list goes on but this is something you need to see for yourself, you definitely won’t be disappointed with this gun.

Hitachi NP35A

“Good things come in small packages” describes the NP35A perfectly. Like any other small nail gun there are positives and negatives. You’ll see the good out rank the bad with this little guy. The flush depth adjustment makes driving into a variety of surfaces effortless. Also, it’s ability to store more nails will ensure less wasted time reloading.


Last but not least Top Nail Guns of 2017 presents the N62FNK by Bostitch. This finish nailer may be small but it packs a punch with it’s removable and angled magazine. Its durable housing is made of magnesium which makes for an ultra lightweight nailer. Another great feature is having 400 lbs. of driving power to penetrate the hardest of woods.

A Piece of Advice

If you are a newbie, starting off with a more versatile nail gun will make things much easier when getting started.  Many people are eager to start with the biggest and best, something you should not do when learning the ropes. More importantly by starting small you will gain experience before using more dangerous and powerful nail guns.

Once you get the hang of things you may find yourself looking for things to fix or repair with your new nail gun. With a finish nail gun or brad nailer you can do things like make furniture, hang up molding and many more projects. Larger guns are not as versatile.

This list of TOP NAIL GUNS OF 2017 will  surely steer you in the right direction while searching for that perfect nail gun. To learn more about some different top selling nailers  and reviews check this out.

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