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Hitachi NR83A3 Nail Gun Review

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Nail guns are probably one of the most important tools in carpentry. Nailers allow the user to drive nails rapidly with just one hand freeing the other for positioning material to be fastened.

It also allows users to get into tight or awkward locations where it would be difficult to swing a conventional hammer.

With the amount of nail driving involved in carpentry, it is no wonder that there are different products available on the market today that offer a wide range of features. Many features from the type of material used for the housing to the size of nails it can accommodate can differ depending on the manufacturer. Let’s look at one of the top selling nail guns on the market, the Hitachi NR83AE .

Hitachi NR83A3

The Hitachi NR83AE is ergonomically designed to ensure that it sits well in the hand which helps with fatigue. It is also equipped with a non-slip elastomer grip trigger for extra comfort and additional safety. Another great feature is the two-piece light-weight aluminum magazine, which allows for more time nailing and less time wasted reloading.

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  • Rear loading magazine for easy reloading.
  • Open nose makes freeing up jams a sinch.
  • Hardened metal claw tip allows for accurate angling.
  • Easy change selective actuation makes changing from bump fire to sequential effortless.
  • No more hunting for adjusting wrenches with easy tool-less adjustments.

Hitachi NR83A3 Review


It’s hard to believe but Hitachi  just got better with the NR83AE. This sturdy well built nail gun takes the cake for reliability and dependability. More power equals faster nailing speeds. This nailer works flawless for a variety of applications from small to high volume, there isnt anything this beast can’t handle.

Nail guns in particular take a pounding while being banged around, dropped and fired repeatedly while on the job. The 5 year warranty will give you the peace of mind you deserve when using a top nailer like the Hitachi NR83A3. With a hardened claw tip your ability to drive nails at any angle is effortless.

This nail gun will easily drive over 1,000 nails straight up without experiencing any jams all throughout, it has a reputation for almost never misfiring.  While firing smoothly even using 5/8 to 1 and 5/8-inch brands rarely jam, this gun has been put to the test and passed with flying colors.

Another great feature that can’t be missed is the selective actuation switch. This allows users to go from sequential to bump fire without any modification or trigger replacement.


When the Hitachi NR83A3 is set to its lowest setting it can be a bit more powerful than expected. This means that when used for soft materials it tends to drive through too deep which may require filler.

The NR83A3  does not shoot 2-inch nails flawlessly although better than most nailers.

Although a powerful nail gun that almost always sinks nails without a hitch, it may have an occasional jam.

For the cost of this gun a case would be nice, and lastly keep in mind this is not an oil-free gun.

Hitachi NR83A3


Overall, the Hitachi is a powerful machine, some might argue too powerful, that can withstand much abuse. The comfort grip allows users to fire for extended periods of time with less fatigue.

Ultimately, the Hitachi NR83A3 is a good option if you are looking for a powerful accurate nail gun. A versatile nailer like this is perfect for both DIYers and everyday commercial users.

If taken care of properly a tool of this magnitude can easily be the last framing nail gun that you’ll have to buy.

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