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Freeman PFR2190 Review

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When choosing the right nail gun, there are definitely a few factors you should consider from the type of project to the volume of nails needed as well as any other additional features you may want in your nail gun. Learn the good and the bad in this Freeman PFR2190 framing nail gun review.

There are many types of nail guns depending on basic nail application right down to the size of the nails. You can find nail guns designed specifically for finishing or for 21-degree full head nails like the Freeman PFR2190.

The Freeman PFR2190 is made specifically for 21-degree full head nails. It is ideal for wall sheathing, siding installations, subflooring, framing, assembling a wood box, building a pallet and even building a fence.

The PFR2190 uses 21-degree round head plastic collated framing nails that can range between 2 to 3 ½ inches in length. It is made with anodized aluminum cylinder and magazine, a one piece drive blade and an anti-dry cycle mechanism.

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Features of the Freeman PFR2190

  • Brand: Freeman
  • Anodized aluminum cylinder and magazine
  • Finger depth adjustment
  • One-piece drive blade
  • Anti-dry cycle mechanism
  • Fastener gauge: 8 to 10; Range: 2 to  3 ½ inches


One of our favorite features on the Freeman PFR2190 is its ability to drive a wide variety of nails. You can use 2 3/8, 3, 3 ½, straight and even ring shanks with this nail gun.

Even with these kinds of nails, we didn’t experience any issues, making it a very versatile framing nailer. It works quite well with very minimal jams or misfires. It is very easy to use and shoot and reloading is a breeze as well.

The Freeman PFR2190 doesn’t lack in power for most projects. It works well with a variety of nails and has enough power to shoot them without much issue, keeping in mind that your packing enough power with your compressor.

It goes through wood like a knife through butter. The fact that it comes with two fire triggers is a plus. The single fire trigger comes already attached to the gun. It also comes with a rapid fire trigger for those high volume projects.

The nail depth adjustment is another welcome feature of the Freeman PFR2190. We found it useful when shooting different types of nails.

The magnesium housing of the Freeman PFR2190 attributes for it weight which is lighter than most heavy duty nail guns.

Since it is lightweight and designed with comfort in mind, this particular framing nailer is quite comfortable to use. You will not have to worry about arm fatigue even when using for extended periods of time.


If you run less than  a few nails the gun will lock the user out is a safety feature. This safety feature can be a little annoying to say the least. A little nail window would be better to assess the amount of nails left rather than shooting the gun and having it hang when there are not enough nails.

This nail gun can be a little bulky compared to others especially in tight spaces, making it impossible to use the Freeman PFR2190 between tighter frame spaces.

We also noticed the Freeman PFR2190 has a little bit more recoil than others in its class. This often resulted in the plastic of the nails flying all over so taking a little extra precaution is necessary.


If you are looking for a framing nailer that is sturdy and powerful enough then the Freeman PFR2190 is a good option. It works well with a variety of nails and has minimal issues in regards to jams or misfires.

Just like most tools there good and bad, however, the Freeman PFR2190 is a good overall inexpensive option for a nail gun.

Freeman is know for making long lasting quality guns, but to learn about some others read this.

Latest Reviews & Pricing on Amazon

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