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The Three Most Dangerous Tools

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Most Dangerous Power Tools & Tool Safety

Power tools are incredibly useful and have made DIY and construction projects much easier while getting the job done more efficiently. Now men and women can complete major jobs with less fatigue in less time. Just whip out the drill or nail gun and you can be on your way to finishing a new project in no time at all. Although power tools are useful, they can also be incredibly dangerous and there are a select few that can cause you some serious harm.

It is important to always wear protective gear when operating power tools, no matter how dangerous they are. However, some are more dangerous than others and if you do suffer an accident you’ll sure wish you did. This article will be looking at the most dangerous tools on the market, and some may surprise you. These tools are incredibly helpful but, in inexperienced hands, could lead to death!

Nail Guns

Nail guns are very impressive tool and are incredibly useful for DIY projects and work on the construction site. They allow you fire nails into all types of wood with amazing efficiency without the need of a hammer. Although they may be impressive and handy, they can also be scary and dangerous, even to the experienced. One false move or slip could lead to your hand nailed to the board or even a nail through the head. These types of accidents actually happen more often than you’d think.

Nail gun safety

Nailing your hand instead of the wood

In fact, nail gun incidents have been on the rise, with over 42 thousand injuries resulting from a nail gun. Interestingly, the individuals suffering from such injuries were DIY individuals who were not using them properly. Learning how to properly use this tool could save your hands and your life (literally). Learn all about the different types of nail guns and all their uses right here.


Chainsaws are a classic when it comes to dangerous tools. In movies they are known for their menacing appearance and ability to do serious bodily damage. Although they are dangerous, they are also very helpful when you need to remove a limbs or trees around your property. However, as with all power tools, if you are not using them properly you could suffer from serious injuries.

One incident that happens a lot is kickback. A chainsaw can kickback if you place the wrong part of the bar onto the cutting surface. The bar than springs up usually towards your face at an extremely high speed while the cutting edge is spinning full speed, this is known as a rookie move. Check out this video to see what I mean.

In 2004, massive reported 32 thousand injuries as a result from power saws. If you end up with a chainsaw accident, you could wind up with 100’s of stitches or killed if you’re not so lucky. So, learn how to use theses extremely dangerous tools before making your first cut. Wearing protective chainsaw pants, a helmet and a protective face shield is a must when using any type of chainsaw. Along with the obvious, you should have footwear!


This might seem like a strange one but ladders are actually one of the most dangerous tools. Although this is not a power tool, we feel that this needed to be on the list because so many people use them regularly without giving the dangers a thought. Many individuals who don’t take ladder safety seriously end up with an injury sooner or later, and wishing they did.  Not having the ladder footed correctly is one of the most common mistakes resulting in the bottom of the ladder kicking out. This can be fatal and some individuals have died because of ignorance.

Comparing the statistics with the other tools on this list, you would expect that the accidents would be less with ladders. In fact, over 2 million people a year are hospitalized because of ladders and falls. Many people will use power tools while on a ladder, so you can see the relation this has too this list. One of the deadliest combinations are ladders and chainsaws, something that makes be cringe every time I see. Look for yourself at just how quickly something can go wrong when not!


Hopefully after reading this article it’s easy to see how power tools can be dangerous when used incorrectly. The tools above are very useful tools when in the right hands. Even though these types of tools can be fun to use you shouldn’t mess around with them. It’s important to read all the manuals that come with your tools and most importantly use your head and be safe.  A life changing injury is only one dumb move away, so think, take your time and be safe. You can learn about some other types of dangerous tools in this article.

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