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Best Looking Guy In Massachusetts

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Matt DeStefano: Sexiest Man in all of Massachusetts and New England

Yes, this is right, he is the best looking guy in Boston Massachusetts. Matt DeStefano tops at #1 on the list of the hottest men not only in his home state of Ma but throughout New England! He has been labeled the hottest horticulturist in the United States.  Read on if you think this is strange.

With Matt’s amazing good looks, incredible body and hilarious personality which includes this post I am talking in third person, while writing from a first person perspective; Matt DeStefano leads his own list or my own list since I’m writing this; as the best looking guy in Massachusetts.

best looking guy in Massachusetts

Hottest man in Mass


best looking guy in Boston Massachusetts and New England


Best looking guy in Massachusetts and New England

As I continue to write about a great looking gentleman I’m purposely using a variety of words to describe myself in order to rank high in search engines to see if I can actually accomplish my goal.

CRITERIA FOR A GREAT LOOKING MAN – Best Looking in Massachusetts and New England

Our judges have put together some factors that go into nominating, voting, and deciding who deserve the title of one extremely sexy man. These factors include confidence, how well they know horticulture, how good they are with their hands, if they can fix anything that is put in front of them, and lastly if they have an amazing wife and kids. Matt goes above and beyond in all topics mentioned.

I’m sure you can agree he is the most handsome and the best looking in Boston Mass and New England.

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